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About US

TruStar AG is an international talent management and marketing company that manages and optimizes the careers of world leading sports and entertainment personalities through customized services. In doing so, it emotionalizes company brands with creativity and passion through expert know-how and skills in the sports and entertainment sectors. 


We connect brands and celebrities

:: Celebrity Endorsements ::

We connect brands and celebrities

:: Celebrity Endorsements ::

We are specialized in connecting Brands with Sports & Entertainment Celebrities

We analyze and understand brand attributes and values from both sides, celebrities and brands. Before defining objectives and strategies we conduct competitive analysis and marketing research to realize the best possible fit between brands and celebrities. 

Our projects can start from various directions:

:: We sign celebrity mandates supporting them to widen and strengthen their existing brand-partner and commercial portfolio. Additionally our team supports celebrities in developping social media channels or to optimize existing social media strategies.

:: We cooperate with brands that are looking for the most suitable celebrity in in the world of sport and entertainment in order to realize transfer of image dimensions and to gain media exposure. By doing so we connect brands with selected image dimensions such as success, professionalism, excellence, commitment or determination etc. 


Athlete Management Services

Athlete Management Services


WE ARE HERE to help you perform and succeed, both on- and off- the field

TruStar manages and commercializes the careers of world class athletes and entertainment personalities while maximizing their long-term value with the aid of professional structures and creative individual marketing strategies. 

We have over 10 years of experience and track record in managing world class careers in soccer and tennis on the highest level. We focus on a very limited amount of clients in order to guarantee tailor-made management services.


As a TruStar client, you will benefit of the advantage of our global network to top clubs, leagues, media, outfitters and advertising partners. 

TruStar maximizes your commercial value as a professional athlete. Together we built a strong basis and team for long-term success.


With TruStar as your strategic partner of trust in all career management and financial matters, you can fully devote your time to your career. Meanwhile we focus on your career development and brand management as well as protecting all your financial stability and security.


Management & Marketing Services

:: Career management & planning

:: Soccer transfers (negotiations, legal and tax-efficient structuring)

:: Development of athlete image (Personal Branding)

:: Advertising contracts / Licensing deals / Media Partnerships

:: Social Media Strategy

:: Strategic Public Relations

:: Post-career management 

:: Sound financial planning and legal advice in cooperation with leading strategic partners

Your benefits

:: Trustar Management as a strategic one point of contact in all areas of career management

:: Wide established network of soccer clubs within the top european soccer leagues  

:: Additional direct access to new emerging soccer markets like China and USA